Leadership : work on character as well as on competencies

Strong leadership isn’t just about what you do, more than anything it’s about who you are. Leadership is the challenge to enable people to unleash their talent and passion so that they can contribute to the objectives of the team, the department and the organization. And you as a leader are the first step.

FranklinCovey supports the development of leadership by working on themes such as integrity, motivation and intentions that underpin how you perform your job. And that’s where we begin the process of strengthening your skills. A process that we support with practical tools that you can put to use immediately (toolset), thus building a mindset, skillset and toolset that can be applied on three different levels:

  • Personal leadership
  • Team leadership
  • Leading management and the organization

There are four core issues that we work on. You learn how to translate them directly to your specific situation:

  • Increase confidence: the heart of effective leadership. How do you build trust and how do you restore it?
  • Provide direction; What is your team’s mission within the organization? What contribution is your team making?
  • Streamline systems: a system based on core processes leads to good results and discovers and retains talent.
  • Unleash talent: Mobilize all the potential and talent of your employees, in order to optimize their contribution to your bottom line.

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Delivery Options

Enable each and everyone to apply their talents and passion to achieve the goals of team, department and organization.

Leadership Solutions

7 Habits Signature 4.0

The 7 Habits Signature program and a real phenomenon for people who want to develop themselves further.

7 Habits for Managers

Viewed from the manager’s practical, daily perspective, working on inspirational leadership and making the most of the organization, the team and the individual employee.

7 Habits Leader Implementation

The culture of an organization is simply the collective behavior of its leaders. If you change their behavior, you change the culture.

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Leading at the Speed of Trust – For leaders at every level. Build on trust to achieve lower costs and higher yields. Experience the immense and tangible power of trust in your organization.