Sales Performance

Selling products or services starts with building trust. Trust that you sincerely want to help your clients and that you are striving for mutual results. Trust that your client’s success comes before your own success. You start with your client’s needs and on that basis you work together on a win-win solution. It is only then that you can build a relationship based on trust. The more you focus on your client’s success, the more successful you become. Because we believe that advice sells better than sales.

The Sales Performance Practice supports sales professionals. The program is based on our award-winning methodology Helping Clients Succeed. This program will teach you:

  • communication skills
  • critical thinking
  • focus on your performance

The processes and tools enable sales professionals to make a genuine connection and build a trust relationship by first fully understanding the client’s needs and then working together to create win-win solutions. What’s more, our solutions are measurable, sustainable and reliable.

Look below for our ‘Helping Clients Succeed’ solutions.

Delivery Options

Within one year of the program, 80% of the sales team hit their quota—resulting in a 40% increase in sales.Multinational engineering and IT company

Sales Performance Solutions

Filling Your Pipeline

Filling Your Pipeline has been designed specifically for you and your sales team when you’re looking for new and effective alternatives to prospecting. You learn how to prioritize your time, and plan how to maximize your prospecting efforts.

Qualifying Opportunities

Qualifying Opportunities is designed to help you uncover and understand your clients’ needs faster and more effectively. This enables you to identify a solution that exactly meets the client’s needs. The result is shorter sales cycles, increased client satisfaction, and more deals.

Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale helps sales professionals increase their win rates by preparing in advance to enable their clients to make good decisions that achieve win-win outcomes.