Trust in your organization affects every interaction, every project, every initiative, every form of communication, every single strategic or tactical move that you try to accomplish.

Trust is the ultimate lubricant for personal relationships, for professional cooperation and hence for your economic success. Many complex programs fail due to a lack of trust and waning confidence in the plans or in the leaders.

Trust is measurable

Trust is a hard value with measurable outcomes. When it’s on the rise, the pace of cooperation between people picks up and costs fall. People feel freer to display initiative and entrepreneurship. This creates trust dividends.

Trust is part of your corporate culture

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, forever to repair. However concrete the result of trust may be, it is not a plug and play device. Trust is something that is built as part of your culture. You will have to give a lot of trust, even when it isn’t easy. Because trust has such a major influence on the speed of results throughout your entire organization, we also speak of the speed of trust.

Programs for trust in your organization

We offer two programs to achieve trust within your organization:

  • Managing at the speed of trust – For leaders at every level who want to build on trust to realize lower costs and higher yields.
  • Working at the speed of trust – For anyone who wants to develop as an individual and wants to inject trust in his working relationships.

Do you want to reap trust dividends in your organization? Please get in touch with us and let us look together at how we can help you to deal with your challenges.

Delivery Options

Trust amongst other shows in ‘disengagement’ of employees. When people put in enough effort to avoid getting fired but don’t contribute their talent, creativity, energy or passion.  Research puts a price tag of $250 billion – $300 billion a year on the cost of disengagement.

Trust Solutions

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Leading at the Speed of Trust – For leaders at every level. Build on trust to achieve lower costs and higher yields.

Working at the Speed of Trust

Working at the Speed of Trust – If you’d like to develop personally and inject trust in relationships at work.