For your specific challenges, FranklinCovey helps you in the areas of leadership, trust, strategic execution, productivity and sales. In order to do so, we offer a number of solutions that you can put to immediate use or that we can customize with you.

We strive to increase your leadership capacity, confidence, management skills, effectiveness, success, vigor and happiness. That sounds promising, and we live up to the promise in a natural way; we work from a people perspective. From the perspective of your potential.

We challenge you to deploy your full potential for your own goals, work and organization. We have a number of methods designed to realize this such as certification for people in your organization, online learning and individual coaching, as well as the familiar incompany training and open enrollment.

Overview Solutions

7 Habits Signature 4.0

The 7 Habits Signature program and a real phenomenon for people who want to develop themselves further.

7 Habits for Managers

Viewed from the manager’s practical, daily perspective, working on inspirational leadership and making the most of the organization, the team and the individual employee.

7 Habits Leader Implementation

The culture of an organization is simply the collective behavior of its leaders. If you change their behavior, you change the culture.

5 Choices

With 5 steps working on your way to extraordinary productivity.

Project management essentials

People together with processes make succes. Learn more about this compelling Project Management program for the unofficial project manager.

Presentation Advantage

Messages that inform and persuade that is the key.

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Leading at the Speed of Trust – For leaders at every level. Build on trust to achieve lower costs and higher yields. Experience the immense and tangible power of trust in your organization.

Working at the Speed of Trust

Working at the Speed of Trust – If you’d like to develop personally and inject trust in relationships at work.

Filling Your Pipeline

Filling Your Pipeline has been designed specifically for you and your sales team when you’re looking for new and effective alternatives to prospecting. You learn how to prioritize your time, and plan how to maximize your prospecting efforts.

Qualifying Opportunities

Qualifying Opportunities is designed to help you uncover and understand your clients’ needs faster and more effectively. This enables you to identify a solution that exactly meets the client’s needs. The result is shorter sales cycles, increased client satisfaction, and more deals.

Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale helps sales professionals increase their win rates by preparing in advance to enable their clients to make good decisions that achieve win-win outcomes.