The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

Choices to Exceptional Productivity

Is it just one thing after another? Are you on the brink of a burnout? Do you still want to be exceptionally productive? The key lies in personal leadership and effective prioritization. FranklinCovey’s The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity is an inspiring, integrated and practical approach to personal productivity in the information age. We developed this program in collaboration with leading neuroscientists. And the outcome is a reinvention of traditional time management.

What does 5 Choices offer you?

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity teaches you how to achieve more, how to win in the ongoing struggle with everything that the day can throw at you.

You learn to take decisions on a daily basis that focus on the main results, rather than on the unimportant.

You learn to keep those activities at bay that distract you from your main goal.

How does 5 Choices work?

The 5 Choices guides you through a new paradigm of your various roles and responsibilities. We offer you a new language to refer to these.

You will make an effective weekly and daily planning, you develop technological leadership and new energy for truly exceptional performance.

What is the effect of 5 Choices?

You gain control not only of your inbox, but of your entire professional and personal life as well. You’re less busy and yet accomplish more, with more sense of fulfillment and more energy. More focus on strategic, important actions. And the impending burnout is no longer a threat.

What does it offer your organization?

Increased productivity of individuals, teams and organizations is clearly measurable as a result of The 5 Choices Program. You, your managers and your employees learn how to put time, attention and energy to better use by making better choices. After The 5 Choices Program you will work with satisfaction, focus and energy. That’s what we call extraordinary.

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